Why The Name “Unicorn Adventures?”

We are often asked by friends and customers “Why did you name your company Unicorn Adventures”, this is indeed a good question! As we are proud of our name and the little story behind it, here it is.

When we decided it was time for us to get out of the world of major companies and create our own one in which we could use our philosophy about life, fun and quality applied to our passion: making friends while riding the motorcycle across many places, it was time to find a name.

Obviously the very first idea was about twisty roads, but some people already had that idea, and after a longer thinking we decided to get away from the easy stuff with “Motorcycle Tours” and such! So it was more about finding a generic name, something positive!

An animal could look good, yes why not but which one? It needed to carry our values…hmmmm… after a little while the Unicorn appeared in the list.

Of course this needed to be checked as everyone has a different view and image of that beast.

This mythical animal is reputed in all cultures for its pure and positive image; for example in the European culture the Unicorn appears often accompanied by a powerful and positive magician. In the Chinese culture, the Unicorn is a sign of good omen for the travelers and an announcement of happiness to each of its apparition.

Great! It needed a bit of fun too as we won’t just offer straight line rides but pure curved roads around great sceneries…lets use Adventures (which also works well with our hockey player, skydiver, ultra marathon, planes, motorcycles and various other sport some of us like) and here we go Unicorn Adventures is the name we like!

Of course we did not forget to add the Motorcycle Tours label as this is what we do, now.