A Perfect Motorcycle Moment

This “souvenir” goes back 5 years or so.

At that time I was riding a nice Blue Honda CBR1100XX Superblackbird. On that sunny Sunday I decided to go for a ride up in the Vercors (en) (it is located in the South East of France close to Grenoble (use the following coordinates on GoogleEarth (en): 45°11’24.34″N,5°43’11.84″ E).

Riding the XX on the twisty mountain roads was always exciting and a nice “fight” as the 164 Hp came with some weight! After 2 hours sporty riding I started to feel my style (yeah as if I had one/have one) starting to get worse by the second! It was time for a break!

I found a nice bield, slightly higher than the road. Stopped the bike, removed the leather jacket, the helmet, the boots and socks and laid down in the grassy field, in the sun looking at my bike!

It was quiet, the sun was warm and I just felt at the top of the world! Happy! Like in a great moment of Zen!

What made that moment even better was to see the few cars’ drivers passing by looking at me with envy!
Those little moments of life just makes it perfect!